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The Hate Only Ruins Others

THORO Productions™ was developed through a passion
for producing Hip-Hop and R&B beats with the goal to
spread positive music


In 2003, THORO Productions, Inc. was founded by, Rex Thai, through a passion for producing music. The name was inspired by the record, "Keep It Thoro" by Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Through growth, maturation, and life experiences, Rex had an idea for a project. What first began as a hobby introduced by fellow colleague, Aris Ortega, and his cousin, Alex Silverio, grew into an independent entrepreneurial venture by early 2012.

THORO Productions, Inc. is in the process of applying as a 501(c)3 non profit organization, which strives to promote positive music in Hip Hop through its free recording studio services. We offer our ideas and opinions throughout the creative/production process to achieve an overall passionate, inspiring, and emotional piece of art that the ears can only succumb to by the overwhelming feelings portrayed by the artist.

Services to be offered

If you are an artist interested in recording at our studio, there is no charge. The only stipulation is that you must fill out and sign an agreement to the following terms & conditions:

  • I will arrive 15 minutes prior to my scheduled recording session (After 3 strikes you will be fined $20)
  • I will not bring any weapons or drugs on to the organization's premises.(Pat down/frisk required)
  • I will give production credits for any publications of recorded work
  • I will provide, review, and consider any suggested changes to material (lyrics) with staff at THORO Productions that is to be used in recording.
    Lyrics will not incorporate hate in any way, shape, or form, including but not limited to the glorification of violence, demeaning or derogatory language towards women, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity etc. Otherwise privileges will be reconsidered.
  • I will provide a copy of final product to THORO Productions upon completion of recording
  • I will own 100% of licensing rights, publishing rights, distribution rights, etc. of recorded work

    Please read our policy for more details.


    Provide all aspiring artists with the opportunity and experience of recording their work in a studio with industry standard equipment without the burden of paying for its services, in exchange for recording a meaningful/inspiring song with a positive message.


    Enrich society through music by ridding the negative connotations often associated with Hip-Hop.


    Love, Passion, Inspiration..and Fun

    love [luhv]
    1. love for a parent, child, friend, or spouse
    2. love for hobbies, activities, or interests
    3. love in the form of genuine admiration and appreciation for one another's work

    pas⋅sion [pash-uh n]
    1. emotion put into one's work that is driven solely by the heart

    in⋅spi⋅ra⋅tion [in-spuh-rey-shuh n]
    1. influences for motivation to better oneself in all aspects of life

    Official Pages

    Below are the official pages of THORO Productions™ out on the internet and should be typed in the browser manually to ensure you are not visiting a fraudulant page.

    **Note: Please report any fraudulant variations of THORO Productions™ on the web or any unauthorized use of beats to rex.thai@thoroprod.org

    THORO Productions http://www.thoroprod.org ; http://www.thoroprod.com
    THORO @Facebook http://www.facebook.com/thoroprod
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